About SSA

The Stratford Soccer Association (SSA) represents over 1600 soccer players of all ages, genders and abilities who play in the seven individual soccer groups within the City of Stratford.

Why do we exist?

Our goals are:

  • To establish tenure on all of the fields on which we play. Currently well over 50% of Stratford’s soccer facilities are on private property and, as has happened in the past, the land was sold or needed by the owner for development and we were left looking for other facilities.
  • To establish a Premier Artificial Turf Soccer field, with lights, fencing, a permanent building and proper viewing facilities for spectators.
  • To build a dedicated indoor soccer facility
What are we doing about it?

We are in constant contact with the Community Services Dept of the City of Stratford trying to secure land on which to set our plans in motion. In the current economic climate that will be easier said than done, however we are optimistic that our goals will become reality. At which point we, the soccer community, will have to be prepared to contribute towards the cost of the projects over the long term.

Visit our About section to learn more about SSA and how you can get involved.